Tire Evaluation - Schwalbe Marathon Mondial Evo

by Ray Wateska on January 16, 2018

The Schwalbe Marathon Mondial is a flying bike scooter designed for journeys where you could encounter all types of different road surfaces. The tread pattern on the Marathon Mondial is quite much like the traditional Marathon XR that is its legendary predecessor. The middle component of this tread appears like many other traveling bicycle tires, the significant distinction is in the considerably more open profile in the edge of this tread: this ought to give far superior grip on poor roads.

The Marathon Mondial is available as either an Evolution and Performance variant. I have decided to check the Evolution variation as it ought to be the greater (and more costly) tire. Even though the burden of both the Evolution and Performance Marathon Mondial is quite similar, the Evolution uses a Dual Defense casing that ought to allow it to be even more durable and puncture resistant. The Evolution also includes folding beads plus a triple chemical rubber Rather than the cable beads and only chemical rubber of this Mondial Performance

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Encourages weight of this 37-622 Marathon Mondial Evolution is 570 g, my shop bought sample arrived in at 579 g that’s good enough for me. The maximum breadth on a 17C rim, in an air pressure of 60 psi / 4 pubs is 35 mm. Max height is 34 mm.

Since the Marathon Mondial is designed to execute well on all sort of different surfaces, tread depth is large. In 2.6 mm tread depth, this scooter is on peak of the graphs. The complete measured depth of the scooter in the middle of this tread is 6.1 mm. The sidewalls have a depth of 1.1 mm.

Rolling resistance is somewhat higher than anticipated from a Schwalbe Evolution course tire. In an air pressure of 60 psi / 4 pubs, rolling resistance comes in at 26.7 watts whereas the (additionally Evolution course) Marathon Supreme (read review) came in at a significantly lesser 19.1 watts. What surprises me the most, is that the Marathon Mondial even has outperformed from the heftier Marathon Plus (read review) that is a tire which employs a 5 mm thick anti-puncture coating.

It is difficult to compare the Marathon Mondial to additional traveling bike tires since I did not examine any direct rivals with a more demanding tread pattern nonetheless. When compared with this touring bicycle tires I have tested up to today, It just does not impress me. I think this having an Evolution lineup bicycle, rolling resistance ought to have been at least been better compared to the Marathon Plus.

From the raw puncture evaluations, the Marathon Mondial slots at directly between the Marathon Supreme and Marathon Plus. From the tread evaluation, it gets to a score of 14 factors that’s average. From the sidewall puncture evaluation, it strikes an over average 6 factors. The greater than average performance (and finest of this Schwalbe touring bicycle tires analyzed up to today) from the sidewall puncture test has to be the end result of the double protection puncture protection.

Puncture Factor of this Marathon Mondial is adequate too. Since the Mondial has rather a high complete tire depth of 6.1 mm in the middle of the tread, the Puncture Factor calculation comes from above average also. When we multiply the consequence of the sidewall puncture test (6 factors) together with the depth of the sidewall (1.1 mm) we reach a sidewall Puncture Factor of seven factors. The rating of 7 points is much like the Marathon GreenGuard and Plus.

It is difficult to estimate this tire since it isn’t quite like another touring bike tires I have examined up to today. I really do think rolling resistance is greater than anticipated in the Schwalbe Evolution tire and overall puncture resistance is not that impressive either. The most powerful aspect of the tire is most likely the tread pattern that ought to provide more traction during the terrible road conditions you could encounter when traveling the planet.

Ranked 3/5 because rolling resistance is not that bad in comparison to other manufacturers and puncture resistance is adequate. If you do not expect to go off-road a great deal throughout your journey or everyday trip, look elsewhere since there are far better rolling tires available.

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